Iran Confair 2017 -
Iran Confair 2017 -

Iran Confair 2017

The 17th international building and Construction Exhibition

Saturday, 12 August 2017 08:00 - Tuesday, 15 August 2017 18:00 Tehran International Exhibition Permanent Fairground

Related Industries :

Building and road construction machineries, equipment and tools,Electronic and electric equipment,Work safety equipment (footwear, clothes, mask,...),Doors &windows, glass and related machineries,Automatic doors, roll-up-doors,Industrialization and new technologies,Lifts and elevators,Color, glue, resin, acoustic and thermal insulation,Architecture, decoration, building facade, and landscaping,Ironware, rod and bar and related industries,Stones, sanitary ware & hygienic products and related machineries and tools,Sanitary valves,Pipe &fitting, and waste water refining systems,Water, waste water and gas industries,Ceiling & wall coating and prefabricated slabs (sandwich panels and...), floor covering (tiles, ceramics, parquets,...),Basic building materials (ce­ment chalk, brick ... ),Bath, sauna and kitchen,Cooling and heating facilities,Building hardware (locks, handles ... )

Description :

International Exhibition of Building and Construction Industries Iran Confair is a 4 day event being held from 12th August to the 15th August 2016 at the Tehran Permanent Fair ground in Tehran, Iran. This event showcases products like architectural hardware, ceiling &wall coating, color, paste, construction machinery, consultants &contractors, decoration &design, doors &windows, electrics &electronic equipment, elevators, financial institute, floor covering, gas constructive industries, governmental organization, housing cooperative societies, new technologies software, lifts and crane, locks &handles, other related group, pipe &fitting , rail &road, safe working tools sanitary ware & hygienic, scientific research, stones etc.

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اتاق تعاون ایران در 21 فروردین سال 1373 با حضور واتحاد جمعی محدود اما یکرنگ و خوشفکر وتوانمند پا به عرصه حیات اقتصادی ایران نهاد ، اهداف تعیین شده برای فردایی بهتر، شکوفا و همراه با آرمانهای بزرگ نقشه راه بود . پیش بینی و جریان سازی وحمایت از تک تک اعضاء تعاونیها برای رسیدن به هدف متعالی در روح وجان واندیشه موسسان درخشان بود .
امروز همان شده ایم که دیروز می خواستیم و فردا را به فضل خدا همانگونه می سازیم که دیروز خواسته بودیم. اتاق تعاون ایران گرچه هسته اولیه اش تعداد محدود ی اتحادیه بود، اما امروز درختی تنومند و پربار است و به لطف خدا و با توکل به او روز به روز پر طراوت تر خواهد بود.
در سایه تشکیل این اتحاد و با همیاری وهمراهی صادقانه ، دست به دست هم . فعل خواستن به تمامی معنا در اتاق تعاون ایران تجلی یافت.


تهران ، میدان فردوسی ، خیابان سپهبد قرنی ،بالاتر از چهارراه طالقانی ، پلاک 83

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Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds Valiasr Ave, shahid Chamran Highway, 1148 Tajrish

Iran International Fair ground is located in the northern part of Tehran and is spread over an extensive area of 850,000 square meters that includes 120,000 square meters of indoor and 35000 square meters of outdoor exhibition field. The remaining part is allotted to greenway and access roads. This fairground is over 50 years old and holds more than 60 specialized exhibitions every year in which most of the active Iranian companies, businesspeople and producers participate.

Iran, Tehran, Tehran




Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds Valiasr Ave, shahid Chamran Highway, 1148 Tajrish

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