Iran METAFO 2016 -
Iran METAFO 2016 -

Iran METAFO 2016

13th International Exhibition of IRAN METAFO

Thursday, 24 November 2016 08:30 - Sunday, 27 November 2016 17:00 Tehran International Exhibition Permanent Fairground

Related Industries :

Iron and Steel Technology and products (Iron, Steel and Ferro Alloys, Minerals and Raw Materials, Steel Making Technology, Fabrication Technology, Iron and Steel Mills, Equipment and Machinery, Steel Products) Casting, Molding, Forging and Machine Works (Casting Processes, Molding and Molds, Machine Works, Electro Plating, Hot Forging and Cold Forging, Welding & Shearing) Non-Ferrous Metals (Aluminum, Copper, Zink and Lead, Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Titanium, Etc., Exploration, Exploitation and Refinement, Processing and Producing , Machinery and Equipment, Non-Ferrous Products, Maintenance and Repair) Minerals & Mining Industry (Coal and Foundry Coke, Metallic and Non-Metallic Minerals, Mining Equipment, Consulting and Geo-Technic, Exploration and Digging, Heavy Machinery, Contractor Services) Furnaces, Refractories and Industrial Ceramics (Shaped and Unshaped Refractories, Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Ceramics, Insulating and Fiber Materials, Refractory Equipment and Components) Industrial and Mining Projects (Steel and Non-Ferrous Industry Projects, Mining Projects, Electricity, Water and Road Projects, Project Development and Completion, Investment and Project Funding, Contracting, Insurance, Consulting, Etc.)

Description :

International Exhibitions provide companies with a great opportunity to showcase their brands and advantages in a spacious market and develop their network of Business partners in new regions.
13th IranMetafo will be held from 24 - 27 Nov in Tehran international permanent fairground and gets hundreds of industrial companies and experts together. In 2015, the event was held in 8110 SQM net space, exhibiting 361 companies, from 17 different countries. Exhibitor companies gained the opportunity of meeting 9765 visitors including top managers, suppliers, traders, investors, experts, and end users.
We honor to host you in IranMetafo 2016 and provide you with a full service of traveling, exhibiting, customs and all what you need.

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500+ Companies

NamaNegar International Co. is an international event organizer, working towards opportunity provision for companies and individuals, with an immense experience in exhibition organizing and the membership of:

  • The global association of the exhibition industry (UFI)
  • International association of exhibitions and events (IAEE)
  • Iran International Exhibition Organizer Association (IEOA)
  • Iran Marketing Research Association (IMRA)

Our mission is to design a networking platform between manufacturers, international suppliers, traders, investors, experts, and end users to provide them with a multiple opportunity for sales and learning.

NamaNegar team has been the organizer of numerous exhibitions since 1995 including these ongoing events:

  • IranMetafo (Steel,  Mining & Mineral Industries, Casting, Non-Ferrous Metals Industry, Refractories, Related Projects and Valves)
  • IranHVAC&R (Heatig, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigerating)
  • Midex (Modern House, Interior Design, Design and Architecture)

We honor to host you in these events and provide you with a full service of traveling, exhibiting, customs and all what you need. Our purpose is to create a profitable, trouble-free, and long-lasting achievement for you.


Unit 28, 5th floor, No.49, Daman Afshar St, Valiasr Ave, Tehran, Iran

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Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds Valiasr Ave, shahid Chamran Highway, 1148 Tajrish

Iran International Fair ground is located in the northern part of Tehran and is spread over an extensive area of 850,000 square meters that includes 120,000 square meters of indoor and 35000 square meters of outdoor exhibition field. The remaining part is allotted to greenway and access roads. This fairground is over 50 years old and holds more than 60 specialized exhibitions every year in which most of the active Iranian companies, businesspeople and producers participate.

Iran, Tehran, Tehran




Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds Valiasr Ave, shahid Chamran Highway, 1148 Tajrish

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